Midland 248 Excel

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Sold Out - discontinued

The Midland 248 Excel is the brand new Multiband CB transceiver in the “200” series. This top-of range radio offers you just about every feature you could ask for.

The Midland 248 is equipped with the “NOISE BLANKER SYSTEM” (noise reducer device) that reduces considerably the audio noises (up to 95%), allowing a clear communication even when the signal is disturbed.

The wide multifunctional backlit display shows the number of the channel in use and the chosen
setting even in conditions of pitch darkness. For easy night viewing, both screen and controls are blue backlit.

The Midland 248 is also equipped with a “precision series” microphone, with a 6 pin connector and the up and down scroll buttons.

Main characteristics:

  • Blue backlit multifunctional display.
  • Mic gain
  • RF Gain
  • Noise Blanker + Noise Killer (ESP2)
  • Backlit controls
  • Memories
  • Microphone with up and down buttons
  • External S. Meter jack
  • 6 pin microphone connector
  • Quick Up/Down buttons
  • Scan function
  • Ch.9 function
  • PA facility