PMR 446

A licence-free short-range UHF radio system.

PMR446 is designed for ease of use - simply buy the radios and use them - no licence is required, no forms to complete, no knowledge to set them up.

The main limitations of this system are that the radios are limited to portables (walkie-talkie type), can not be connected to an external antenna, and are limited to 500mW output.

Typically these limitations give a maximum range of about 3 miles in the open and possibly half a mile in a built-up area, although as with any type of radio it is impossible to guarantee any range because much depends upon local conditions.

A wide range of microphones, earpieces, headsets etc. are available to go with these radios - for use by security, on motorbikes etc.

Unfortunately there are many cheaper versions of these radios available, from places such as Argos, which although they claim the same specifications are often disappointing when used. We have compared "cheap" radios from Goodmans with others we stock and under the same conditions found the range to be only a third of the better radios!!

In addition, many of the cheaper radios use non-standard fittings for microphones - so you often find many of the accessories from other manufactures will not fit, so at best you are limited to the range that they produce for their own model.

All our popular radios, from Alan and Cobra, have standard accessory sockets which will accept a wide range of microphones and accessories.


Midland GB1 PMR446 Radio

1-2 Days
Sold Out - new stock due mid October

A PMR446 radio for use either in a vehicle or as a base station.

The radio has a magnetic mount antenna which is permanently connected to the radio.

Supplied with a cig lighter power lead to power the radio.

Ideal for use either car to car or in conjunction with PMR446 handhelds.

An optional PC lead & software allows the radio to have expanded frequencies & higher output power, for use where licence conditions permit (programmable from 440-451MHz).

Download brochure or instruction manual

PC Lead & Software for Midland GB1

1-2 Days

A PC programming lead and software for use with the Midland GB1 radio.

Allows you to program other frequencies and make various adjustments to the radio, for use where licence conditions permit.

CRT 7WP Waterproof PMR446 Handheld

1-2 Days
Professional Handheld Transceiver

A compact, easy to use, yet fully featured PMR446 handheld which has the advantage of being waterproof - for those odd occasions where you forget & leave it outside or drop it down the toilet!  The radio is waterproof to IP67 and they claim it can be submerged to 30cm with no damage. 

Designed for ease of use, it only has a volume control, 16 way channel selector, and a couple of programmable function buttons.

The radio is PC programmable and we can supply it ready programmed for your needs - it can be locked on selected channels and various features either locked on or off as required.

The radio can also be programmed to operate anywhere from 400-470MHz, with an output of up to 4W - so if you have a licence for frequencies within this band we can supply it programmed for those frequencies.

The radio comes complete with a 1300mAh Li-ion battery and a stand-in charger.

We have a range of accessories for the radio including replacement batteries, microphones and an in-car adapter (battery eliminator).

Although the antenna is "fixed" (to meet PMR446 regulations) it can actually be removed to leave a SMA socket on the radio, if you are using the radio where this is permitted.

CRT 7WP & 8WP Multi Charger

1-2 Days
Sold Out - due late June

A desktop charger which will charge up to 4 of the CRT 7WP or 8WP radios at a time.

  • Intelligent charger
  • Automatic battery check & charge
  • Charge any number 1-4 radios
  • Units can be linked to make up to 12-way charger


Intek MT-5050

1-2 Days
Sold Out - discontinued

The Intek MT-5050 is a Licence Free 2-Way Radio covering both the PMR446 and LPD433 bands. It is ideal for anyone looking for a durable, powerful professional radio.

The Intek MT5050 offers some unique features for a PMR446 radio, these include adjustable squelch (6 setting), a 6-Bar Digital Signal Meter and a Voice Scrambler function for private conversation.

It's high capacity 1500 mAh Ni-MH batteries allows for over 40 hours battery life. The radio is supplied complete with a plug-in mains charger.

A rapid desk charger is also available for the MT-5050 capable of fully charging the unit in 1-3 hours.

It's hands free VOX function has 4 sensitivity settings and is one of the best we have seen on a PMR446 radio.

In countries where higher output levels are allowed, the radio can be simply modified to give a 4W output.

DDC-500 Charger for Intek MT-5050

1-2 Days
larger picture

A rapid desk top charger for the Intek MT-5050 and Intek Dolphin MR-8060 radios.

Microprocessor controlled quick charger, which can recharge the handheld in 1-3 hours.


SMA-505 Antenna Adapter

1-2 Days
larger picture
Sold Out - discontinued
An original Intek SMA socket designed to fit in place of the  fixed antenna on the Intek MT-5050 radio.

This then allows you to use either an external antenna (eg mag mount) or one of the alternative high-gain portable antennas (eg KA-505-SR or KA-505-LN).

Requires soldering inside the radio.

Note:  it is not legal to use radio in the UK once modified.  It must only be used in countries where permitted.

KA-505 SMA Antenna 430-450MHz

1-2 Days
larger picture
Sold Out - discontinued
An original Intek SMA antenna designed to fit in place of the fixed antenna on the Intek MT-5050 radio (when the radio has been modified with SMA-505 adapter).

A standard version (22cm) is available with a very thin flexible whip, or a high gain (39cm) version.

Also suitable for any other radio which uses a SMA socket and operates on 430-450MHz.

  • SMA Fitting
  • 430-450MHz
  • Available in 22cm or 39cm total length

Note:  it is not legal to use these radios in the UK once modified.  They must only be used in countries where permitted.

Midland G7 PRO (twin pack)

1-2 Days

The very latest UK version of the Midland G7 licence free PMR446/LPD 2-way handheld radios.

These are perfect to use anywhere, and you can easily add more radios to build up your own system for friends/family etc. Their splashproof design makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Simple to use and supplied complete and ready to use with a docking charger and re-chargeable batteries.

This radio can be powered in 4 ways, from the supplied NiMh battery pack, from 4 x alkaline batteries, 4 x re-chargeable batteries or from the new (optional) 1200mAh Lithium-ion PB-Pro (C1148) battery pack that makes the radio 20% lighter.

A dual function Press To Talk allows selection of either high power or low power, to save battery life.

Midland HP446 Replacement Battery Pack

1-2 Days

A high capacity Li-Ion replacement rechargeable battery pack for use on Midland HP446 radios.

These are now only available in 1800mAH rather than the standard 1300mAH.

Midland HP450 Replacement Battery Pack

1-2 Days

A high capacity Li-Ion replacement rechargeable battery pack for use on Midland HP450 radios.

These are only available in 2200mAH capacity.

HP446 Replacement Belt Clip

Sold Out - discontinued
Replacement belt clip for Alan HP446

HP450 Replacement Belt Clip

1-2 Days
Replacement belt clip for Alan HP450