Service Manuals

Service manuals and circuit diagrams for most popular CB's.

We can supply photocopies of service manuals or individual circuit diagrams for most CB's made from the 80's up to current models.

Unfortunately the quality of these varies greatly - some of the diagrams we are using are now over 20 years old!  We will provide the best copy that we can - on the basis that anything will be better than nothing!

Circuit Diagrams and Service Manuals

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Galaxy Service Manual

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An original service manual from the USA, marked priced at $20!!

Covers chassis:  EPT3600-10A, EPT3600-10Z, EPT3600-11Z, EPT3600-14B, EPT6900-10Z.

Known models:  Alan 87, Connex 3300, Dirland 3300, 3600, 3900, Eagle 2000, Excalibur Base, Excalibur Samurai, Galaxy 2100, Galaxy II, Galaxy 11B, Galaxy 2517, Galaxy DX33, DX44, DX55, DX66, DX73V, DX77, DX88, DX99,  Galaxy Melaka, Galaxy Pluto, Galaxy Saturn, Galaxy Sirius, Galaxy Mirage II, Mirage III, Mirage 44, Mirage 6600, Mirage 88, Mirage 9900, President Franklin, Super Galaxy, Superstar 3300, 3600, 3900, Tek 506, Texas Star.

Also useful for understanding and servicing many other models with similar PCB's.

28 pages of useful information and diagrams. 

Cybernet Export Manual

Sold Out - discontinued

Service Manual for radios made by Cybernet, by Lou Franklin, 32 pages.

Includes PCB numbers PTBM125A4X, PTBM131A4X, PCMA001S, PTMB133A4X, PTBM121D4X.
These PCBs are used in radios like Colt 1600DX, 2000DX, HyGain 8795(V), Lafayette 1800, Midland 7001 Export, pacific 160, Superstar 2000, Tristar 777, Argus 5000, Cobra 148GTLDX (fake), Colt 2400, Falcon 2000, Lafayette 2400FM, Mongoose 2000, Nato 2000, Palomar 2400, 5000, Starfire DX, Superstar 2200, Thunder 2000, Tristar 797, 848, Ham Concorde 3, Jumbo 3, Multimode 3, Cobra GTL150, Colt 320FM, 320DX, 1200DX, Excalibur, Ham Concorde 2, Hygain 2795, 2795DX, Intek 1200FM, Lafayette HB870AFS, Tristar 747.

Sold Out - discontinued

A very comprehensive guide to repairing & servicing CB radios.

Note:  this is an American book written in the 80's, so some of the information will not be relevant to modern radios.