Glass fuses and fuse holders.


Fuse (glass)

1-2 Days
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Buy a pack of 5 of any size and save money

We stock a variety of glass fuses in both standard length (32mm) and short (20mm).

Please choose the size and value from the options list.

There is a discount price for any size bought in 5's.   5 for £1,  50 for £7.50

Fuse Holder

1-2 Days
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Standard white plastic fuse holder.

Blank Fused Lead

1-2 Days
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A replacement power leads for radios where the lead is wired directly into the radio.

Approx 1.5m long with a fitted fuseholder and 3A fuse.

Fuse Holder on Wire

1-2 Days
A plastic fuse hold fitted on a short length of wire (approx 6 inch), complete with a fuse.

Chassis Fuse Holder

1-2 Days

Chassis mounted fuse holder, as found on power supplies etc.

Accepts a 20mm glass fuse.  Cover requires a screwdriver to rplace fuse.