Coax (loose)

To connect your radio to your antenna you need a coax lead.

We can supply either loose coax, or a variety of leads made up with plugs on.

All prices are per metre.  You can order any length up to 100m, and for many there is a discount price listed for a full 100m roll.


100m Roll RG58 U Coax

1-2 Days
Special Buy

A full 100m roll of standard quality RG58 coax.

This has a decent copper braid and a multi-strand copper centre.

Special buy while stocks last.

RG58 U

1-2 Days
Larger picture

Good quality 50 ohm coax.

A good quality thin coax as used on most mobile mounts, this is normal thin (6mm) coax.

Copper braid and centre.

Big discount if you buy a full 100m roll.


1-2 Days
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High quality 50 ohm coax.

A good quality tinned copper 6mm (thin) coax - this is a higher quality cable than the standard RG58U

Both the braid & inner cable are plated copper.

Big discount if you buy a full 100m roll.

RG8 Mini (black)

1-2 Days

Slightly thicker than standard coax (7mm), this claims to give a similar loss to thick RG213 (9mm) coax but is much more flexible.

Very popular where you need a long run of cable but need something more flexible than RG213.

Please note that you need to use 7mm coax plugs rather than standard 6mm.

Now available in both 50m and 100m rolls

RG213 Low Loss

1-2 Days
Larger picture

A heavy duty low loss 50 ohm coax.

Ideal for use with homebase antennas and for any long runs of cable.

Considering the thickness of the cable (9mm) it is still relatively flexible.

Westflex W-103

1-2 Days

Westflex W-103 low loss airspaced 50 ohm coax.

Popular with some amateurs because of it's low loss, the only disadvantage is that the coax is very stiff and tends to remain in whatever shape it is bent.

Has a single solid copper centre rather than the usual multi-stranded.

Slightly thicker than RG213, and ideally you need to use special 10mm plugs (which are about £6 each!).


1-2 Days
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75 ohm communication coax, usually used for making up co-phase harnesses.

Same size as RG58 but difference impedance.

TV Coax

1-2 Days
Larger picture

Standard 75 ohm TV coax cable.

Available in brown or white.

Satellite Coax

1-2 Days
Larger picture
Standard 75 ohm satellite coax with foil screen.

Digital Satellite Coax

1-2 Days

High quality 75 ohm satellite coax with copper foil.

Designed as a low loss feeder for digital satellite but can also be used for "Freeview" where signals are weak.

300 Ohm Slotted Ribbon Cable

1-2 Days
Larger picture

High quality 300 Ohm slotted ribbon cable.

Ideal for making up HF antenna, such as a G5RV.

450 Ohm Slotted Ribbon Cable

1-2 Days
Larger picture

High quality 450 Ohm slotted ribbon cable.

Ideal for making homebrew antennas.