Scanner Antennas

We have many other scanner antennas in stock that are not listed here - please ask.

These antennas are designed for wideband receive, for use with various scanners & receivers.

They are generally not designed for transmitting on, although some do allow you to transmit on selected bands. However they will not be as effective for transmitting as a dedicated antenna.


Telescopic Scanner Antenna

1-2 Days

A telescopic antenna with a swivel base, allowing you to use your handheld scanner in various positions.

Greatly improved receive compared to the rubber duck antennas supplied with scanners.

Wideband receive up to 1800MHz.

BNC  connection.

Mini Scan Mag Mount Antenna

1-2 Days
A very light weight scanner antenna that weighs less than 2 ounces, and is only 13.5 inches tall, but features a super-strong rare earth magnetic base pre-wired with 9ft of RG174 cable terminating in a BNC connector.

The Miniscan is a receiving antenna in the range of 100-1200 MHz and also transmits on 2m & 70cm bands.

Skyscan DX Mag Mount Antenna

1-2 Days

A wideband mobile scanner antenna on a magnetic mount, supplied complete with coax lead with a BNC plug fitted.

A very popular mobile scanner antenna, the mag mount has 4 different whips on it providing a very wide frequency coverage.

Standard Discone

1-2 Days

This low cost discone is great for increasing the performance of your scanner. It offers good continuous coverage right up to 1300 Mhz.

It can be mounted in the loft but for optimum reception, it is recommended that the antenna is fitted outside.

Includes short mounting pole and brackets.Requires a coax feed and PL259 connector for base.

Double Discone

1-2 Days

A superior wide band omnidirectional discone antenna.

Frequency coverage 25 - 1300MHz.

Skyscan V1300 Discone

1-2 Days
A high quality regular size discone antenna with innovative 4 separate whips to cover 25-1300MHz band.

Constructed from the best quality stainless steel and aluminium, it comes complete with mounting pole.

SE-1300 Discone

1-2 Days

A superior wide band omnidirectional discone antenna covering 25 - 1300MHz.

The SE1300 can both receive and transmit (selected Amateur bands only) with a maximum power rating of 200 watts.

Superscan SE-1500

1-2 Days

A high quality compact fibreglass base scanner antenna.

Very popular because it less "obvious" than a discone, and blends into the background more.

Wide frequency coverage from 0.5-1300MHz.

SW-1300 Mobile Scanner Antenna

1-2 Days

A twin loaded coil scanning antenna for mobile use, comprising of a 60cm whip with twin centre loading coils, the whip is terminated in a 3/8” x 24 thread to mount on a variety of mounts suitable for mobile installations.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency Coverage

25-1300 MHz


< 1.5:1




3/8" x 24 thread