Build Your Own


Dipole Centre (SO239 fitting)

1-2 Days

Centre piece for wire dipoles.

  • 50 Ohms
  • SO239 connector  (for PL259 plug)
  • Crimp wire connectors
  • Strain holes
  • Width 92mm

Dipole Centre (for ladder feed)

1-2 Days
larger picture

Centre piece for wire dipoles.

  • 300 Ohms
  • Clamp for ribbon cable
  • Crimp wire connectors
  • Strain holes
  • Width 92mm

Dipole Centre

1-2 Days

Replacement centre for centre-fed dipole.

Ideal for homebrew construction.

Note: design has changed slightly from picture

Dogbone Insulator

1-2 Days

A black ribbed insulator for use in making homebrew wire antennas.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • Small:  approx 7cm x 2.5cm
  • Large:  approx 11cm x 3.5cm

3/8 Dipole Centre (straight)

1-2 Days

A dipole centre with 3/8 thread at the top & bottom.

Used to make homebrew antennas.

3/8 Dipole Centre (V)

1-2 Days

A dipole centre with 3/8 thread, with the 2 elements at 90' to each other.

Used to make homebrew antennas such as an inverted-V.

Enamelled Copper Wire (50m)

1-2 Days
larger picture

A 50m length of pre-stretched enamelled copper wire for making antennas.

16 gauge (1.6mm diameter)

Can be soldered if the enamel is removed.

Polyweave Antenna Wire (50m)

1-2 Days
larger picture

50m of very flexible kink free nylon coated polyweave wire.

Ideal for making home-brew antennas.

Kevlar (guy rope)

1-2 Days

A thin but very strong guy rope, suitable for both guying masts and in making homebrew antennas.  Stronger than steel. 
We now have this in 200ft, 50m and 100m spools.

  • 1.905mm (0.075in) diameter
  • 61m (200ft) spools
  • Colour black
  • 181.4kg (400lb) strain
  • By weight it is stronger than steel
  • Has outer protective layer of Dacron
  • Will not stretch and not affected by sunlight

Indoor/Outdoor Groundplane Kit (Magnum)

1-2 Days

A groundplane kit with a 3/8 stud, to allow you to use a standard 3/8 thread mobile antenna as a homebase.

Can either be used free-standing (eg in a loft) or is designed to sit on the end of a pole for use outdoors.

  • 4 x radials
  • Length 40cm
  • Standard 3/8 thread fitting
  • SO239 coax connection
  • Fits on 30-38mm mast

3/8 Dipole Clamp

1-2 Days

A heavy duty mount designed for making your own dipole antenna using 3/8 thread antennas.

The mount will clamp onto a vertical pole and then has a 3/8 thread connector for a grond plane and a 3/8 thread connector for the driven antenna.

Also has an addition tag for an earth wire if required.

Coax connection is a standard SO239.

Will fit masts up to 2".