VHF (2m)

The amplifiers below are for use on the 2 metre (144MHz) band only.


RM LA144

1-2 Days

RM-LA144  2m amplifier

A compact 12V amplifier for the 2m band, suitable for FM, CW, and SSB.

Download a copy of the instructions here

Frequency 135-175MHz
Voltage 12-14V
Current 10A
Input 0.5-4W
Output 70W max
Size 109 x 125 x 35mm

RM 145

1-2 Days
Larger picture

Sold Out

RM 145  2m amplifier

A high power 12V amplifier for the 2 metre band, suitable for FM, CW and SSB.

This amplifier has a higher input than the RM 144.

Frequency 140-152MHz
Voltage 12-14V
Current 14A
Input AM/FM 1-25W
Input SSB 2-50W
Output AM/FM 110W max
Output SSB 220W pep max
Size 109 x 225 x 35mm